Museum LIVE! Experiences

Theater LIVE!
Grades 3 - 12
Theater LIVE! programs are inter-disciplinary live dramas that engage students and adults by interweaving varied learning styles into an educational experience that promotes personalized learning and reinforces proficiency goals.
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Appalachian Culture Fest Schools' Day
Grades 3 - 12
Students can have an exciting cultural experience with internationally known artists from greater Appalachia. Dig deep into Ohio Valley history, crafts and culture festival style! Featuring a model size coal mine, students will learn about coal mining and how traditional arts influenced Appalachian culture. This program fulfills Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana social studies content standards.
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Overnight at the Museum! Programs
The Cincinnati Museum Center adventure can be available 24/7! Grab your sleeping bag and a pillow – groups can pick one of 3 topics and spend the night at the museum exploring.
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C! Cincinnati!
Presented by Cincinnati Heritage Programs
Grades 3 - 12

Museum Center’s Cincinnati Heritage Programs offers school bus tours explaining the history and growth of Cincinnati. The two-hour route explores Fountain Square, Mt. Adams, Over-the-Rhine and both sides of the Ohio riverfront.
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Walk Over-the-Rhine
Presented by Cincinnati Heritage Programs
Grades 9 - 12

Visit the neighborhood where Cincinnati’s 19th-century German immigrants lived, worked and worshipped. See the old-world churches, shops and beer gardens where the new industrious U.S. citizens plied their trades. Learn how the German culture created the brewing industry that played such a strong part in the city’s economic development and how it was swept away by World War I and Prohibition.
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The Museum LIVE! Experience is created through lively and unique programs that support your curriculum and learning standards. Museum LIVE! Experiences include Theater LIVE! programs – inter-disciplinary, live theater productions; Appalachian Culture Fest Schools' Day; and docent-led historical walking and bus tours of Cincinnati!



Museum LIVE! Programs
Theater LIVE!:  $6 per person

Appalachian Culture Fest Schools' Day: $9.25 per person

C! Cincinnati!: $40 per guide, one guide per bus

Walk Over the Rhine: $10 per person

Overnight at the Museum: $28 per person



  • Advance reservations are required for all groups.
  • Changing your scheduled activities when you check-in will incur cancellation penalties. Call if your plans change.
  • Book as far in advance as possible. Reservations for museum programs close two weeks out. 
  • Payment by credit card, check or purchase order is required two weeks in advance.
  • Confirmation materials are emailed at the time of reservation.


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