Make new discoveries in our LITE Lab!

It stands for Learning, Innovation, Technology and Education—and that’s exactly what our new LITE Lab is all about. The LITE Lab is designed to engage creative thinking and problem-solving skills—the real tools of scientists and innovators! Kids can get hands-on, inquiry based experiences in science, technology, engineering and math. They can investigate and experiment with real-world questions—questions that may have more than one correct answer!

Check out this awesome video of our staff in the LITE Lab trying to conquer the Stranded Island Survivor Challenge. If you like what you see, be sure to try it for yourself next time you're here!

Ask Dr. Mays

Herman Mays, Museum Center's Curator of Zoology, is on a field expedition to East Asia from May 19 until June 14, 2012, studying the region's birds in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute and the National Museum of Science and Nature.

Visit our YouTube channel to see Dr. Mays answer questions that visitors to our LITE Lab have asked him about the trip, and visit the lab yourself to submit your own questions.

And be sure to follow Dr. Mays on Twitter and visit his Flickr page for live updates and photos from the field!