About the trip

The Upper Ordovician strata of the Cincinnati are world renown for their exceptional preservation of invertebrate fossils including a moderate diversity of trilobites, one which Isotelus maximus, was designated the official state fossil of Ohio in 1985, and includes some of the largest of all trilobites. This one-day, mid-meeting trip will provide participants with an overview of a few of the classic Cincinnatian trilobite beds including offshore faunas with Triarthrus and Cryptolithus found in dark shales and shallower mudrock facies dominated by Flexicalymene, often enrolled, and Isotelus. This trip will emphasize paleoecological aspects of Cincinnatian trilobites and consider their sedimentological, taphonomic (taphofacies) and stratigraphic contexts. We will examine sections in local roadcuts and in pits dug by outstanding local amateurs, to obtain specimens. Collecting will be permitted.

Potential sites to visit: Sycamore Creek, Indian Hill; Mt. Orab, OH; Maysville, KY

Acidaspis cincinnatiensis

Flexicalymene meeki

Maysville, Kentucky