About the trip

The trip will assemble in Madison, Wisconsin on the afternoon of Sunday, July 10 and will end in Madison on the morning of Thursday, July 14.

Our visit will open with an orientation on Sunday evening and on Monday, a visit to the collections of the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and then move northwards to Mosinee, Wisconsin with a visit to the initial Cambrian transgressive deposits of the Mt Simon Formation with Chris Gass. Monday overnight in Eau Claire, after which Tony Runkel will lead us through the Marjuman (Sauk II) Eau Claire Formation fauna, and then we’ll move up into the Sauk III sequence, looking at the transgressive and falling stage systems tracts of the Sunwaptan on Tuesday with Nigel and Tony.

On Wednesday we will head south, visiting more Sunwaptan localities and discussing how stratigraphic architecture relates to morphological variation and species occurrence. Trilobites, linguiliform brachiopods, and varied trace fossils can be locally abundant in these sequences, in addition to rare aglaspidid sclerites, but disarticulation and limited preservational quality means that this is not a trip for the dedicated collector of prize specimens!

We will return to Madison on the morning of Thursday, July 14.

Participants will be responsible for their own journeys to Cincinnati at the conclusion of the trip.

Rushford Locality

Rip up clasts Gay Mills Van Oser

Dikelocephalus pygidium with fragments of phosphatic shelly material concentrated under the doubler