Do you love CMC, but don’t feel that you can support them financially?

There are several ways in which you can support CMC with gifts that don’t come out of your wallet. By either designating Cincinnati Museum Center to receive a portion of your estate tomorrow or by making immediate gifts from it today, you can support us without sacrificing your personal budget.

If you are interested in making a legacy gift to CMC, we recommend you contact your financial advisor to find the right plan for you.
Make a gift from your will or trust.

Leaving a gift to CMC in your will or trust is one of the most popular planned giving options. This gift costs you nothing during your lifetime and still greatly impacts the future of CMC. There are many options when planning your legacy. You can leave all or just part of your assets to CMC and you can restrict it to your favorite exhibit or program or let CMC designate it to the area most needed.

Why consider a gift from your will or trust?
  • You control your assets during your lifetime.
  • CMC benefits greatly from your legacy.
  • There is currently no limit on estate tax deductions for assets donated to charities like CMC.
  • You can change your planned gift at any time.

If you’ve already planned to leave a gift from your estate to CMC, let us know! We’d love to recognize you in our Legacy Society.

Make a gift from your retirement account.

Retirement is the American dream. Did you know you can share that dream with both your family and CMC? By naming CMC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you can make sure your family is taken care of with your estate and free up lesser taxed assets to pass onto them.

As a tax-exempt organization, CMC is not required to pay income tax on its distribution.

Why consider a gift from your retirement account?
  • You can still make regular withdrawals throughout your lifetime.
  • You can change your retirement planned distribution at any time.
  • Your family can avoid taxes from your retirement account.
Make a gift of stock or other appreciated asset.

Through a gift of life insurance, you can ensure the future of CMC. By donating a paid up life insurance policy or establishing a new policy to benefit CMC, you can leave a planned gift that doesn’t take away from your estate. Donating a life insurance policy makes a great impact on CMC.

Why consider a gift of life insurance?
  • You are eligible for an income tax deduction on the surrender value of the policy you donate.
  • You can use the cash value of the policy you donate to fund another planned gift, such as a deferred gift annuity that pays you forward.
  • CMC can benefit from an asset that you and your family may no longer need.