Your support is needed now more than ever.

Your support of Cincinnati Museum Center continues to be critical as we move boldly toward the future of our museum. As a non-profit organization we rely on ticket sales, education program fees, event sales and donations to operate. With the temporary closure, CMC finished fiscal year 2020 with a loss of $3.5M in earned revenue and projects a loss of $8M in earned revenue for fiscal year 2021 due to reduced operating capacity.

Our effort to inspire people of all ages to learn more about the world through science, regional history and meaningful experiences has not been diminished. Rest assured that during this time CMC will continue to be a leader in our community, helping to inspire curiosity, ignite imaginations and bring people together.

Please consider a donation to our COVID-19 Relief Fund, which will support our operating budget to ensure your favorite museum experiences and programs are able to continue.

Thank you for your continued advocacy, support and curiosity.

Other ways to support Cincinnati Museum Center

Download our printable donation form and mail a check made out to Cincinnati Museum Center to:

Cincinnati Museum Center
1301 Western Avenue
Suite 2253
Cincinnati, OH 45203

Call (513) 287-7036 to start giving back to Cincinnati Museum Center and supporting our programs!

Giving Societies allow members the chance to heighten their Cincinnati Museum Center experiences by enjoying private receptions, exhibit and film previews and special lectures. Become a Gold ($250-$999.99), Platinum ($1,000-$4,999.99) or Diamond ($5,000+) Giving Society member online or contact Kelly Gusweiler at or by calling (513) 287-7000 ext. 7074.

Planned giving is a creative way to donate to CMC that leaves a positive legacy even after you’re gone. To learn more on the many ways you can donate through a planned gift please contact Katie Haag, Associate Vice President of Philanthropy at (513) 287-7086 or

Cincinnati Museum Center’s national reputation and variety of institutional interests creates a unique platform for promoting your brand through sponsorship, partnerships and client or employee events. To learn more about becoming a Business Partner of Cincinnati Museum Center, contact Kelly Gusweiler at or by calling (513) 287-7000 ext. 7074.

Investor Clubs impact all programs of Cincinnati Museum Center, inspiring people of all ages to learn more about the world through science; regional history; and educational, engaging and meaningful experiences. Enjoy preferred status with exclusive access to events, tours and updates.

Want to know how you can double or even triple the value of your donation? Your company may match gifts made to Cincinnati Museum Center. Check with your company for details.