Hush the Fields

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June 18-Nov. 10, 2013

After major exhibitions at museums, libraries and galleries across the American South, Hush the Fields, a mixed media art exhibition by the artist Robert Claiborne Morris, is now open in Cincinnati Museum Center’s Culture Gallery.

This free exhibition, inspired by Douglas A. Blackmon's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Slavery by Another Name, incorporates artifacts, images, portraiture, digital media and the beautiful yet tragic images from this era allowing the viewer to experience firsthand the lives of those who were sold back into slavery after emancipation.

From a portrait of President Lincoln that incorporates burlap and the tin from the roof of an abandoned sharecropper's shack, to shackles from a slave vessel that sway before the figure of an anonymous worker, this 34-piece collection, already viewed by tens of thousands of Americans, has helped bring to light a chapter in American history that, until recently, had been forgotten.

In the end, the art seeks to inspire the viewer to look into the past with greater understanding, empathy and, ultimately, reconciliation. It is the artist's hope that his work will continue to travel and reach an increasing number of Americans so that our history will not again be forgotten.

Above: Road Workers by Robert Claiborne Morris, 2010. Acrylic on panel, 18 by 24 inches. From the collection of Cliff Graubart.

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