Cincinnati Goes to War

This World War II exhibit features two galleries, Home Front and Cincinnatians at War. Explore Cincinnati's wartime contributions in Home Front and stop by the factory wall to hear stories of people working in local factories. Visit the Flynn family home to hear how they are coping with the changes brought on by war. Don't miss the chance to step aboard our 1920s streetcar to hear how people got around Cincinnati while gas and rubber were rationed.

In Cincinnatians at War you'll gain insight into the roles many Cincinnatians filled during the war and hear several veterans tell their story through an interactive media display. Learn about the cost of service and the promise the postwar environment brought for Cincinnati. Here, you can also see demonstrations showing the types of materials collected in scrap drives or sit down on the streetcar with a passenger and talk about rationing and travel during World War II.

Photos by Nick Massa