Flight of the Butterflies

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About Flight of the Butterflies
The iconic monarch butterfly is a true marvel of nature. Weighing less than a penny, it makes one of the longest migrations on Earth across a continent, with pinpoint navigational accuracy, to a secluded place it has never been. Follow the monarchs' perilous and extraordinary journey and join hundreds of millions of real butterflies in the remote mountain peaks of Mexico.

For the first time ever, look inside a chrysalis, thanks to advanced MRI and micro CT scans. Be captivated by the true and compelling story of an intrepid scientist's 40-year search to find their secret hideaway, with the help of citizen scientists across North America. Supported by the National Science Foundation and a high quality educational outreach program, the film interweaves spellbinding natural history with an uplifting human story.

Featuring breathtaking cinematography and an award-winning production team, including Oscar® winner Peter Parks, the film has received consistent rave reviews in independent audience tests across all age groups. Unravel the mysteries and experience the Flight of the Butterflies.

Flight of the Butterflies en Español!
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Cincinnati Museum Center and an amazing journey to the remote mountain peaks of Mexico in our featured OMNIMAX® film, Flight of the Butterflies. From May 5 through June 30, guests can hear Spanish narration as an alternate audio track by asking to borrow a special transmitter and headset.

Butterfly Resources
Click here to learn how you can help restore monarch butterfly populations!

For Educators
Click here to download our Flight of the Butterflies Educator Guide and click here for more educator resources.


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SHOWTIMES: 4 p.m. daily through September 2


RUN TIME: 44 minutes


RATING: Not rated; suitable for all audiences


NOTE: Films and show times are subject to change and sell-outs. Reserve your tickets in advance or call (513) 287-7000 for the most up-to-date information.



"This movie was enlightening & educational for the whole family.  I took my three sons (ages 3, 5, and 7) and I loved listening to their chatter on the way home about all they had learned in the film."  - Family Friendly Cincinnati

"A MUST SEE IMAX JOURNEY… a feast for the eyes and one of the best IMAX documentaries."  - Seattle Times

"It is thought that Flight of the Butterflies… could do for butterflies what the feature documentary March of the Penguins did for the penguins."  - The Guardian UK

"…reminiscent of March of the Penguins in terms of its ability to tug at heartstrings."  - Washington Post

"Experiencing the tens of millions of monarch butterflies that winter in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, is on many an eco-tourist’s bucket list… The new film Flight of the Butterflies brings the monarchs to us."  - Washington Post (Travel Section) 

"… the film is a landmark for both IMAX and conservation efforts alike." - Canadian Geographic

"Phenomenal IMAX visuals… neatly balances entertainment and education. Bound to fascinate…" - Variety

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