Two weeks before your field trip:
  • Did I receive my confirmation email after I made the reservation?
  • Do the students know to bring their lunches?
  • Did I arrange reliable transportation?
  • Did I submit my payment (credit card, check or purchase order) to Cincinnati Museum Center at least two weeks in advance?
  • Did I arrange for our method of payment through my school administration?
  • Did I explain any specific accommodations we need?
  • Did I give the reservationist my e-mail address so I can receive my reminder e-mail?
  • Do we need to adjust our itinerary for any reason?
  • NOTE: Itinerary changes made less than 48 hours before your field trip may result in suspension of visiting privileges or grant eligibility.
Before you leave for your field trip:
  • Do I have my confirmation number?
  • Have I thoroughly read over my confirmation letter?
  • Do I have my exact count of students and adults?
  • Have I relayed our itinerary and chaperone duties to all of my chaperones by completing and passing out the chaperone forms?
  • Do my students know which chaperone they are assigned to stay with during the visit?
  • Have I completed the check-in slip attached to my confirmation letter?
Arriving for your field trip:
  • We arrive 30 minutes prior to our first scheduled activity.
  • Our bus pulls up and lets everyone off before parking. (Buses are free, other vehicles pay $6.)
  • I take my completed check-in slip to the box office.
  • Students and chaperones drop off lunches, bags, coats, etc. in the bins provided.
  • I pass out wristbands to all adult chaperones.
  • Our whole group will hear about the rules of the museum.
  • Cancellations within 48 hours may result in the suspension of visiting privileges or grant eligibility.
  • Not showing up for your scheduled visit is subject to a charge of 100% of the total reservation.