Cincinnati Museum Center's Insights Lecture Series features local and national experts speaking on a variety of subjects chosen for their relevance and their ability to spark insight and dialogue.

Recent lectures

Privilege and Perspective, in partnership with Beyond Civility
May 1, 2019, 7 p.m., at Union Terminal

This program aims to explore the existence of, acceptance of, resistance to and how we communicate about white privilege. By bringing together a diverse group of panelists from our local Cincinnati region, this interactive program aims to open minds through frank conversations, cognitive dissonance and audience participation.

This lecture is free to the public, but you must register beforehand.


Sean L. Rugless (Katalyst Group): Sean Rugless is the Founder and President of the Katalyst Group. He is an accomplished executive with a passion for building innovative businesses and impactful economic development opportunities.

Pastor Ennis Tait (Beyond Civility, Church of the Living God): Pastor Ennis Tait leads the congregation at the Church of the Living God, he also serves on the Beyond Civility Board of Directors.

Mary Stagaman (Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber): Mary Stagaman is the Senior Inclusion Advisor at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

Karen Bankston (University of Cincinnati): Karen Bankston is the former Executive Director of the Child Poverty Collaborative, she serves on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati and has dedicated herself to years of service in Cincinnati.

Colin Groth (Strive Partnership): Colin Groth is the Vice President of Programs at the Strive Partnership, Colin served as the former president of the Charter Committee and is an alum of the Chamber's 40 under 40. Colin also serves on the Board of Directors for Beyond Civility.

About Beyond Civility

Beyond Civility addresses the challenge we face in trying to bridge the informational and ideological chasms that separate our leaders from each other and from their own diverse constituencies. It proposes antidotes to toxic language and styles of communication that obscure rather than clarify meaning, that repulse rather than invite understanding, and that polarize rather than unify citizens.

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