Dive in as the Ordovician Period shimmers to life through fossils and new technology.

The Cincinnati region’s deep time past is all around us! From tropical oceans teeming with invertebrate life to the first forests with 100 ft tall trees, fossil evidence enables us to travel back in time to study and explore these ancient Paleozoic ecosystems.

Built on the strength of our world-renowned fossil collection, this gallery will take you through over 150 million years of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky’s exciting geologic past. In this immersive new gallery, explore ancient environments and the animals and plants that lived here so long ago. Discover how fossils are formed and investigate the connections between extinct and modern species. See how processes such as evolution, extinction and climate change impacted these communities, and how this understanding can inform the major issues facing us today. Become an amateur paleontologist and get prepared to step into the time machine that is Ancient Worlds!

Opening 2023