Save the Hall of Justice!

The Hall of Justice is REAL, and it's right here!

It’s Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, and it needs a hero — or rather, a whole team of heroes.

From The Cincinnati Enquirer:

In 1973, the now-classic cartoon Super Friends premiered on ABC. ...the show grounded (the Super Friends) on Earth in a building called the Hall of Justice a building based on Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. A building which is now in peril. Created as a train station in 1933, Union Terminal was decommissioned in 1972 nearly 11 months before it would be immortalized as the Super Friends’ headquarters. Anyone in Cincinnati would have been aware that the city might have lost the building. The rest of the world, though, would have been unaware of this potential loss.

And again in 2013, the world is virtually unaware of the potential loss of the Union Terminal, now serving as Cincinnati’s Museum Center. She is in need of extensive repair and maintenance to save her for future generations. For more details on her 80-year history and repair and restoration needs, please click here. She needs her heroes now.

You can be that hero! 

Donate here now. Proceeds preserve and maintain historic Cincinnati Union Terminal. Remember: Cincinnati Museum Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit — that means individual tax deductible donations like yours are not only appreciated, they’re crucial.