Welcome home!

After a historic two-and-a-half year restoration, Union Terminal is back and ready to welcome you home.

Reconnect with your favorites and take in new and exciting updates made throughout the building. Visit Cincinnati in Motion and the reimagined Public Landing in the Cincinnati History Museum and visit the Cave, the new Dinosaur Hall and the expanded Science Interactives Gallery in the Museum of Natural History & Science. Plus experience the restored Union Terminal, dazzling and refreshed for the first time in 85 years.

Upcoming exhibits

We’re excited to open more exhibits in the months and years to come, including the Ice Age’s frozen tunnel, an expanded Space Gallery and the Cincinnati History Museum’s Transportation Gallery.

We've opened about a half dozen exhibits this year. If you haven't visited in a while, there's probably something new. In the Museum of Natural History & Science, dive back into the Cave, and its 500 feet of twists and turns, and explore the new contraptions in the Science Interactives Gallery. In the Cincinnati History Museum, look over our home city in the beloved Cincinnati in Motion.

Discover more about upcoming exhibit openings in the Cincinnati History Museum.

Keep an eye out for our next phase of exhibits, opening spring 2020.


You may notice some extra sparkle and shine in the Rotunda as you take in the restored mosaics, which shine brighter and more vibrantly than ever. You will also notice updated retail shops and dining options. The Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor has been restored to its original splendor and our retail shop has also been refreshed. The box office, in the center, is your go-to for day-of questions.

Museum Admission

We’ve introduced a new way to experience all that we have to offer. Museum Admission includes access to The Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science and Cincinnati History Museum. CMC Members can gain access to all areas included with Museum Admission for free!

Featured exhibits can be added on for a discounted price or bought as individual tickets.

Museum of Natural History & Science

Come face-to-face with the 60-foot Galeamopus and a herd of Jurassic beasts in the new Dinosaur Hall. The gallery features unique and extraordinary dinosaur specimens on display for the first time, like the fearsome Torvosaurus, a 35-foot predator you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Immersive technology lets you dig even deeper, using microscopes and telescopes to learn more about prehistoric anatomy, physiology and evolution. An interactive globe shows the shift of continents over 600 million years, letting you trace Cincinnati’s dip into a tropical sea and reemergence onto dry land. Plus, you can flap your wings and soar through the Jurassic environment in the virtual reality Birdly experience.

Restored favorites like Ice Age and more will expand the Museum of Natural History & Science in coming months, including the second phase of the Neil Armstrong Space Exploration Gallery, presented by the Harold C. Schott Foundation.


Cincinnati History Museum

Walk the cobblestone streets and stand under the glow of street lamps in the reimagined Public Landing, the first of many exhibits to open in the Cincinnati History Museum. Walk into vintage storefronts and learn about the businesses and tradespeople who helped build our city. Then step aboard the Queen of the West and learn how steamboats powered the early Cincinnati economy.

Restored favorites like the second phase of Cincinnati in Motion, and brand-new experiences like You are Here will expand the Cincinnati History Museum in the coming months. The downtown portion of Cincinnati in Motion is now open.

The Children’s Museum

Learn through play and turn your imagination loose across 11 exhibits. Crawl through the treetops of The Woods, splash through Waterworks and climb through a massive mouth in Inside the Grin. And don’t miss your weekly favorites like Art Apprentice and Story Tree Time.

OMNIMAX® upgrades

We’ve made the switch from film to digital IMAX with Laser format in our Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater. The new technology, paired with an upgraded sound system and lighting, will make your OMNIMAX® experience even more immersive as we take you to faraway lands, the depths of the sea and the farthest reaches of space. The OMNIMAX® Theater now open and currently featuring Superpower Dogs and Apollo 11: First Steps Edition.

New restrooms and elevators

We’ve added new and more accessible restrooms to make your visit more comfortable: one set on the mezzanine level to the left of the entrance to the Fountain Gallery and one set on the lower level near the entrance to our featured exhibition gallery and The Children’s Museum. We’ve also updated the concourse restrooms and added family and universal restrooms throughout the building.

You can also get to where you’re going faster thanks to a new elevator in the Rotunda. The large elevator is perfect for strollers and wheelchairs. It’s your fast pass from the Rotunda to the mezzanine and lower level.

The Grand E.M. Skinner Concert Organ

After being removed for safe storage during the restoration of Union Terminal, the Grand E.M. Skinner Concert Organ is back. The organ is a combination of two E.M. Skinner organs. The console was originally built in 1929 and is among the finest remaining examples of organ building in the “American Symphonic” tradition. The Antiphonal Division of the organ is from the home of noted industrialist Powel Crosley, Jr. The organ’s nearly 5,000 pipes are spread across six different divisions in the Rotunda.

The organ was not original to the building, but was added in 2011 as a periodic showpiece to take advantage of the Rotunda’s unique acoustics.

While the organ is back, it is not yet operational. Stay tuned for more information.