LITE Lab STEM Experiences

Grades 4-10

Students will use math skills and provided materials to record data, predict outcomes and build solutions to eco-challenges throughout LITE Lab stations. From global climate to the water we drink or the fuel to heat our homes, students will investigate the impact of human behavior on the health of our environment and natural resources, socially and economically, on a local and global scale.

You are the Scientist!
Grades 4 to 10

Students assume the role of a chemist, physicist or biologist to experience the critical and analytical thinking skills needed to complete experiments in this fast-paced laboratory class. Due to sharp instruments and advanced technology, teachers and chaperones will assist with experiments as needed.

Fantastic Physics
Grades 4 to 12

Students create dancing non-Newtonian fluid, explore nanoscience applications and measure distance, energy and force when launching their table top trebuchets. This is only the beginning of hands-on activities and challenges students can experience in this physics laboratory.

NEW! Fantastic Physics
Grades 9 to 12
Students get excited about chemistry in this hands-on lab when they create chemical and physical changes, explore acids and bases, the behavior of atoms and molecules, the purpose of the periodic table and why chemistry is often called the "central science."

NEW! The Best of Biology
Grades 9 to 12
Students will have the rare opportunity to work with Cincinnati Museum Center collection items to explore and apply concepts of adaptation, taxonomy and genetics to the living world around them.



The LITE Lab STEM Experience is our newest museum experience designed for grades 4 through 12. These experiences incorporate real-world problem- and project-based learning in an open laboratory environment. Designed to support you in enhancing student STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning, the LITE Lab creates a space for innovation and experimentation that is unique to Cincinnati Museum Center.

  • Available Monday through Friday.
  • Labs begin at 10 or 11 a.m.
  • 45 minutes
  • Maximum 40 students.


LITE Lab STEM Experience (max 40 students per lab)
Single program                   $125
Additional program(s)*         $115
*Same program, same day


  • Advance reservations are required for all groups.
  • Changing your scheduled activities when you check-in will incur cancellation penalties. Call if your plans change.
  • Book as far in advance as possible. Reservations for museum programs close two weeks out. 
  • Payment by credit card, check or purchase order is required two weeks in advance.
  • Confirmation materials are emailed at the time of reservation.

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