Radical welcome is at the heart of Cincinnati Museum Center’s mission.

We value inclusion. We value empathy. We value you. And we are working on some resources to help everybody feel even more welcome at CMC.

Quiet Zones

Quiet zones are located throughout the building and are equipped with tools that help soothe children. If you borrow equipment from a Quiet Zone during your trip, thanks for returning it to its original location or the Public Safety office (in the Rotunda) before you leave. Quiet zones are located at:

  • Public Safety (Rotunda – Shared Space)
    Equipped with a Minky-covered 5 lb. weighted blanket, Snug earmuffs, various fidgets, a liquid motion timer, adjustable lighting, a couch and first aid supplies. Medication, pumped milk, and required food items that need to stay chilled can be stored in the refrigerator in the Public Safety Quiet Zone as needed.
  • All Ticket Booths are equipped with fidgets and snug earmuffs and are available upon request. At this time, we only ask that you return the noise cancelling earmuffs.
  • Nursing Room by Fountain Gallery (Mezzanine – Private Room)
  • Nursing Room on The Avenue (Lower Level – Private Room)
  • Parent Resource Room (inside Little Sprouts Farm in The Children’s Museum – Private)

Additional fidgets, weighted blankets, and accessibility tools are available upon request at the ticketing kiosk.


Open restrooms are located in the Concourse, on the Mezzanine and on the Lower Level near the Museum of Natural History & Science. Each restroom has the following amenities.

  • Infant changing tables in every restroom
  • Adult changing tables (hold up to 400 lb.) on each museum level
  • Trash bins in all accessible stalls
  • All restrooms have manual flush toilets and paper towel dispensers. A few restrooms do have air hand dryers.
  • Staff and visitors may use the restroom that corresponds to the gender with which they best identify. Universal, single-stall restrooms are also located on each floor of the building.
Visual Amenities

CMC is happy to offer the following services for those who need them.

  • There are no touch "button" locations throughout the museum that activate light, sound and movement.
  • The following OMNIMAX® films offer descriptive audio for the visually impaired:
    • Asteroid Hunters
Mobility Amenities

CMC is happy to offer the following services for those who need them.

  • Additional seating throughout the museums
  • Elevators
  • Wheelchairs and Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) are available for rental on a first-come, first-served basis from the box office. Wheelchairs are $5. ECVs are $25. Renters must be over 18 years old and sign the Guest Mobility Equipment Rental Agreement. A driver’s license or credit card will be held at the box office until the wheelchair or ECV is returned.
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Amenities

CMC is happy to offer the following services for those who need them.

  • Script version of featured exhibit audio is available upon request (see box office)
  • Deaf Days are held at least once per the run of a Featured Exhibit
  • Please ask the box office about available aids for the deaf and hard of hearing for OMNIMAX® films.
    • Asteroid Hunters offers closed captioning and assisted listening for the hard of hearing.
    • Ancient Caves offers closed captioning and assisted listening for the hard of hearing.
    • Rocky Mountain Express offers closed captioning and assisted listening for the hard of hearing.
Service Animals

Trained service animals required to perform tasks for or assist with a person with a disability are permitted in Cincinnati Museum Center. Service animals should remain on a leash or in a harness and under the control of the owner at all times. In compliance with the ADA, we only allow Service Dogs and Miniature Horses.

For more information, please view the ADA's Service Animal Requirements and the ADA's Service Animal FAQ.

Additional access-focused initiatives will roll out on an ongoing basis.

Additional Information
  • The OMNIMAX® is now equipped with Snug Earmuffs for those with sound sensitivities.
  • Caregivers, who are visiting the museum for the purpose of providing care to an Individual with Disabilities, will be able to receive a free, complementary Museum Admission ticket. The caregiver will need to visit the box office to receive their ticket. As a reminder, the caregiver comp ticket only applies to the Museum Admission ticket. Caregivers will need to pay to visit OMNIMAX® and Featured Exhibits.
  • Guests with valid food assistance SNAP or Medicaid card and photo ID will receive free parking and $2/person admission with the Museum Admission Ticket for up to ten guests as a part of our Museums for All program. Eligible recipients can also receive $2/person Holocaust & Humanity Center tickets, $2 Holiday Junction featuring the Duke Energy Holiday Trains tickets and $9 Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z tickets. Valid cards from all 50 U.S. states will be accepted. Cards must be presented at Box Office. Museums for All tickets cannot be purchased online.
  • Visitors may bring their own food and drink. There is also food and drink available for purchase in the walk-up, on-site restaurant: Nourish 513. The onsite restaurantis peanut free and hasnutrition and allergy information available. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the museums.