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Audio cassettes

Irish Tape and Our Sound Recording Collections
Jim DaMico
One of the collections I get to manage is the Sound Recordings, and, as you can imagine, we hold a pretty diverse spectrum of recording technology.
Woodrat habitat

Woodrat Hunting With CMC’s Zoology Curator
Heather Farrington
During the second week of last November, I spent a couple of days at the Museum Center’s Edge of Appalachia preserve looking for my newest study organism – the Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister).
A close-up view of a portion of the slab after preparation

A World-Class Crinoid Fossil Assemblage
Brenda Hunda
This slab is covered with complete and nearly complete specimens of one species of crinoid, Glyptocrinus decadactylus, and is one of the largest and most spectacular examples of fossil crinoid preservation ever found in the Cincinnatian Series (Late Ordovician Period, 450 million years ago).
The Road to Prohibition

The Road to Prohibition
Jill Beitz
The Queen City is built on a foundation of beer, wine and whiskey. At its peak in the 19th century, there were 36 breweries and more than 300 vineyards within a twenty-mile radius of the city.
Bird count map

The Christmas Bird Count
Heather Farrington
One of the largest and longest-running citizen science programs in the country is the Christmas Bird Count (CBC).
rookwood ice cream parlor 1980

Touring Rookwood Pottery with Cincinnati Heritage Programs
Chris Dobbs
Chances are, if you step into an old-enough house in Cincinnati, Ohio, it features Rookwood Pottery. Whether it’s a colorful pot passed down, a kitchen backsplash lined with avian tiles or a fireplace’s hearth, Rookwood Pottery has left its mark on Cincinnati’s – and the world’s – cupboards, homes and monuments.
First all female space walk

First all-female spacewalk
Whitney Owens
Last week on October 18, NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir accomplished the first-ever all-female spacewalk. For nearly eight hours, they worked outside the International Space Station to replace a broken power unit. It was Koch’s fourth spacewalk and Meir’s first.
dna tubes and scientist

DNA Sequencing Urban Artifact’s Union Terminal Beer
Emily Imhoff
In late 2016, Urban Artifact brewers collected yeast from Union Terminal grounds. A few months later, at a 21+ Curiocity (now Museum on Tap) event, they premiered a new, fruity brew, Union Terminal Bock, made from the National Historic Landmark's yeast! As a part of the event, we were asked in zoology to determine the yeast's species. This is how we did it.
Old letter

See the First Drafts of Ohio’s Constitution
Christine Engels
The corrections on the documents are a very interesting piece to inspect. Some changes were cosmetic while others more substantive.
The Fisher Phase pottery vessel after reconstruction

[Carbon] Dating in the 21st Century
Bob Genheimer
As an archaeologist, one of the most frequent questions that I am asked is “how do you know how old something is?” There are many different answers to that question, mostly depending on what exactly we are trying to date.
Termite Damage

Preservation Tip: Dealing With Insect Damage
Scott Gampfer
Insects are attracted to materials containing cellulose. Paper-based collections (documents, books, newspapers) contain cellulose and need to be protected from insect attack. Storing collections in cool dry spaces is preferable because there is a link between higher temperature and relative humidity, and increased insect activity.
The open Robinson Viewer

A 19th-Century Cincinnati-Manufactured Picture Exhibitor
Scott Gampfer
Introduced to the United States from Europe in the late 1850s, the carte-de-visite or calling card photographic format soon became wildly popular.
1952-53 Cincinnati phone directory selection

An X-Ray at the Shoe Store
Scott Gampfer
The customer and shoe salesman (and a child’s parent) could then look into viewing ports and see the position of the bones of the feet within the outline of the shoe.
The Cincinnati Tablet

The Story of the Cincinnati Tablet
Tyler Swinney
The Cincinnati Tablet, approx. 1,200 years old, was discovered during 19th-century construction in downtown Cincinnati.
man holding book page

From the Card Catalog to the Internet
Christine Engels
The challenge facing me and my team is to fit older collections into these new standards and to get them online so researchers can see that we have them.