Welcome to the Edge

Welcome to the 20,000 acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve System! A natural wonderland of rolling forested slopes, deep ravines and flower-studded prairies where natural elements of the Appalachians collide with those from the Midwest. Where prairies meet the southern edge of the great glacial advances of Ohio's past and where nature is found in abundance. Located just 75 miles east of downtown Cincinnati in Adams County, Ohio, this remarkable preserve system is the undisputed crown jewel of biological diversity in Ohio.

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In 1959, a dedicated group of conservation-minded people embarked on a mission to preserve this vast landscape. Today, you can enjoy Ohio's largest and most celebrated privately-owned natural area for yourself, thanks to their efforts. Inspired and guided by the late ecologist Dr. E. Lucy Braun, the preserve's founders became leaders in the two organizations that own and manage the preserve to this day—Cincinnati Museum Center and their partner The Nature Conservancy in Ohio. For over 60 years their collective strengths in conservation and education have provided visitors with rich immersive opportunities to explore their own connection to the natural world.