Explore The Children's Museum

The Energy Zone

Walk into this netted enclosure and become a part of a complex machine. Individual stations offer chances to analyze which path a ball must take to reach its destination, and what simple machines or energy forces help get it there.

Inside the Grin

Step inside a gigantic mouth to learn more about proper oral health and to practice your dental skills.


Let your imagination run wild through Science, Play, Art, Creativity and Exploration in our interactive lab.

Kids' Town

Children take charge in this kid-sized neighborhood. They can explore our Kroger grocery store, veterinary clinic, diner, Post Office and more.

Little Sprouts Farm

The Infant Garden and Toddler Farmyard provide a protective and appealing setting for children 4-years-old and younger and their caregivers.

Nature's Trading Post

Explore your natural world! What better way to learn about science and collecting than to have kids get out in their own backyards?

The Woods

An adventure-based wilderness, The Woods encourages children to challenge their physical prowess and explore their imaginations.

Kids’ Town Park

Research shows that children who are exposed to 30 million words in intentional, meaningful ways before age 3 are set up for future success in reading comprehension, executive function, compassion and math, spatial and social-emotional skills. Begin your journey to 30 million in Kids’ Town Park.