Immerse yourself in hands-on, field based, inquiry learning at the 20,000-acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve System!

Sponsored by the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Educators at the Edge program will provide participants with new, experiential learning opportunities. Explore topics focused on natural history and gain new skills to be used in the classroom. These exciting classes are open to classroom teachers, naturalists, and other non-traditional educators. Graduate credit through Ashland University is available as well as up to 45 contact hours.

The Richard and Lucile Durrell Edge of Appalachia Preserve System is a 20,000-acre nature preserve located in beautiful Adams County, Ohio. The preserve is owned and managed by Cincinnati Museum Center and The Nature Conservancy in Ohio. Both of these private non-profit organizations have been working in partnership to conserve the rare and unusual flora and fauna of Adams County since 1959.

Series 5: Summer 2019 through Spring 2020

Sold Out: Nature Investigations in Lab and Field

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Register by November 14

This activity filled workshop will show participants many different kinds of nature-inspired science investigations. All are scalable to accommodate different grade levels and abilities. Learning how a simple hand-lens can reveal unknown worlds, solving mysteries using geologic principals, and mapping life on a tree are just some of the interesting and captivating investigations participants will take part in.

Pioneering Ecologist, Dr. E Lucy Braun

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Register by March 5

Guest Instructor – Cathy Knoop, Experiential Educator

This workshop will introduce E. Lucy Braun and her legacy through the excellent documentary film, A Force for Nature, Lucy Braun. Attaining a Ph.D. in botany in 1914, Dr. Braun went on to be one of the nation’s foremost plant ecologists, and her research in southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky led her to be a fierce advocate for the preservation of natural areas, including what is now known as the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System. Complementing the film, inquiry based lesson plans have been developed for upper elementary grades through high school. All academic subjects are incorporated into the lessons which focus on topics such as, women in science, plant based field research, record trees, conservation and so much more.


Wonderful World of Lichens

Thursday, March 19, 2020
Register by March 12

Found in all habitats and on all seven continents of the planet, including Antarctica, lichens are an overlooked yet integral component of the world’s ecosystems. As a part of many different systems and cycles including food webs and the nitrogen cycle, lichens role as an organism cannot be touted enough. Lichens are also important indicators of environmental health and have been used to monitor air pollution. Finally, cultural connections to lichens from around the world make for an interesting study on how humans are influenced by the natural world.