Engage students in science, scientific thought, and curiosity about the natural world.

The Edge of Appalachia Preserve System has a robust and unique environmental education program through a partnership with Adams County school districts. When students journey to the preserve, we do not consider them to be on a traditional field trip. These students are participating in an extended science class that takes place out-of-doors!

For three decades, Adams County students have visited the preserve in either the spring or the fall for a day-long, hands-on field class. Led by a professional naturalist, classes are designed to meet current state academic standards and compliment classroom lessons. Topics can include, but are not limited to: geology, food webs, plant/animal identification, energy transfer, habitat exploration, biotic and abiotic factors, fossils, the scientific method, and the use of dichotomous keys.

A corresponding in-class program takes place during the winter months. In-class sessions, like the field classes are planned to meet state standards and classroom lessons.

All the environmental education programming provided by the Edge allows students to discover the amazing diversity that makes Adams County such a special place and illustrates the need for conservation. It engages students in science, scientific thought, and encourages curiosity about the natural world.