There is no higher award for business achievement in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky Region than to be named a Hall of Fame laureate.

Since 1991, we have worked with Junior Achievement of OKI Partners, Inc. to recognize those dedicated to inspiring tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Laureates are selected by an elite committee of business leaders. The committee looks for candidates who have been pioneers and leaders in their industries and risen to the pinnacle of business success. Each year the committee considers leaders in three categories. Those who have gone before us whose contributions are a critical part of the business history of our community; those who have raised the bar in their industry and passed the baton to the next generation of leadership; and those who continue at the helm and are guiding a truly remarkable company into the future.

These individuals, through their grit, willingness to accept risk, hard work and genius have made a permanent mark on the face of business in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. In the process, they have touched the lives of millions who have made their livelihood by contributing to the success of the business or who have benefited from the products or services delivered by the outstanding companies these laureates have led.

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