Don’t just learn history. Make history.

Meet the city's inventors and laborers, the products they developed and the markets they transformed. From Porkopolis to the Queen of the West to tomorrow's modern tech hub, discover how innovation is, and always has been, in Cincinnati's DNA.

Stories of businesses built on artisanal, handcrafted goods and household names powered by mass-market appeal and industrial power come to life in beautiful object displays, personal narratives and interactive opportunities to get involved. Glaze your own Rookwood Pottery piece, try your hand at running a machine tool, test your knowledge of the city's history of wartime pivots, try Henry Boyd's 19th century patented design for a better sleep and meet the next generations of entrepreneurs. A narrated object theater introduces innovations that transformed breakfast, radio, firefighting, manufacturing and more.

The seeds of our region's next great innovation are planted by the past.

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