Membership FAQ

Can I apply my admission tickets to upgrade to a Member Pass?
Yes! During your same day visit you can apply museums admission and your parking payment, and some of the ticket price for OMNIMAX® and special exhibits may be applicable, too. Stop by Member Services with your receipt and we'll help you calculate your savings.

How do I get my new Member Pass cards?
As soon as you purchase your Membership, you’ll receive your Member Pass cards, one card for each adult named. You'll get your Pass immediately if you’re at Member Services. If you order by phone, mail or online, then you’ll receive an email confirmation to bring with your to pick up your cards the first time you visit.

Who may visit on my Member Pass?
Each Member Adult must present their ID and Member Pass upon entry to each attraction. Family Membership is intended for two named adults and their children/grandchildren ages 17 and younger. Dual Membership is intended for two named adults or one named adult and one child. Family Premium Membership includes two named adults and their children/grandchildren ages 17 and younger and extra benefits for visitation, including a caregiver who can bring the Member children. The named adults on the Family Premium Pass may also bring an unnamed rotating adult guest. You may use either the caregiver or guest benefit during your visit. Names on the Member Pass cannot be changed during your current Membership cycle and Memberships cannot be transferred.

I want to bring a different guest each time I visit. How can I do that?
The Family Premium Member Pass and Club-level Member Pass includes the benefit of an unnamed guest during each visit. If you are not a Member at either of these levels, then to bring unnamed guests, you can use your benefit of your two free guest All Museums Passes, or you can stop at Member Services to receive a discounted admission for them.

How do I use my Member Pass cards for my free museums admission and discounts?
Just present an ID upon entrance to any of the three museums or when purchasing your discounted OMNIMAX® or special exhibit tickets. The name on the Member Pass must match the name on the ID, unless a caregiver is bringing the Member children with a Family Premium Member Pass. Names on the Member Pass cannot be changed during your current Membership cycle and memberships cannot be transferred.

How do I redeem my benefit of free guest All Museums passes?
Your benefits are loaded directly onto your cards; just bring your Member Pass card to Member Services and we will validate it so you can receive your free guest All Museums Pass.

When do my free guest All Museums Passes expire?
Your free guest All Museums Passes are a part of your benefits package as a Member. As long as your Member Pass remains active and you have not let it expire, then all benefits loaded onto your card remain active. Once your Member Pass expires, then any loaded benefits also expire and cannot be retrieved or rollover; even if you renew at a later date.

How do I get my discounts on shopping, food and other tickets – like OMNIMAX® and special exhibits?
Just show your Member Pass cards at the point of purchase and we will validate so you can receive your discounts.

How do I upgrade my Member Pass?
You may upgrade at any time, but your expiration date remains the same and cannot be changed. Simply pay the difference between your current level of Membership and the level to which you want to upgrade and your new benefits are immediate! Just stop by Member Services during your next visit or call us at (513) 287-7041.

I just renewed my Member Pass but am going out of town. Can I still take advantage of reciprocity at other museums?
YES! Just pick up your Member Pass cards before you leave. Or, you may still take advantage of the reciprocity by having the reciprocal museum call us when you arrive, and we can confirm your status as a Member. We recommend you check with your destination museum to be sure they do not require that your cards be present.

I am giving a gift of Membership. How do my friends/family get the gift I bought?
Just stop by Member Services and pick up the Member Pass cards to give as the gift. Or, they are welcome to pick up the cards during their first visit. If you buy by phone or online, you can share your email confirmation with them to notify them of their gift.

My card is missing. Can I get a replacement?
There is a $5 fee for your replacement cards. Just stop by Member Services and we can print them immediately for you.

How long is my Member Pass valid?
Your Member Pass is valid for one year. Member Passes expire at the end of the month in which you purchased your Member Pass. If you renew before the month of your current expiration date, then your 12 months of Membership will be added to your current expiration date and the benefits that you have loaded onto your card will rollover.

As a Member, do I receive free admission to all special exhibits?
As a Member, you receive either free or discounted admission to special exhibits based on the specific exhibit. Pricing details for each special exhibit are available on our special exhibit web page.

What should I do about free parking if I do not have my Member Pass with me when I arrive?
If it’s your first visit, bring your email confirmation you received when you paid online, by mail or by phone. If you lost your cards, then we can check at the parking booth to make sure you have a current and valid Member Pass. We’ll need your ID to match the name on the Member Pass so you get your free parking. Then, stop at Member Services for replacement cards. The $5 replacement fee applies.

As a Member, do I get preferred parking?
Members always get FREE parking all year long. However, all of our parking spots are available on a first come, first served basis and are not guaranteed. Free parking is available for one vehicle per visit.

What can I do if all of the handicapped parking spots are taken?
If your car has a handicapped sticker, license plate or tag, it will not be towed from an available temporary parking spot in front of Union Terminal. Handicapped parking is available in each parking lot and is filled on a first come, first served basis.

How does the guest/caregiver benefit work?
This individual (the guest/caregiver) may visit the museums with either an adult or child Member, but not alone. If accompanying a Member child 12 or younger, the caregiver must be 18 years of age or older. The caregiver must present the Member Pass when entering the museums or purchasing discounted Member tickets.

How does my caregiver bring my children without me?
If you are Family Premium or Club Members, then your caregiver receives free admission as one of your benefits. If you do not have one of these levels of Member Passes, then another adult may bring your Member children on your Member Pass card; however, if the other adult is not a Member, then he or she will have to pay admission at Member Services.

Do I receive a discount on admission tickets purchased for guests?
Yes! There is a $1 discount on OMNIMAX® tickets and on an All Museums Pass. Members must accompany their guest during the visit. Make sure to show your Member Pass at Member Services when you make your purchase so your discount can be validated.

Is my membership reciprocal with other museums?
YES! All of our levels membership are reciprocal with the institutions that participate in the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) Travel Passport Program and Time Travelers network. Family Premium and Club level memberships are also entitled to reciprocal privileges with the ACM (Association of Children’s Museums) reciprocal program. We strongly advise our Members to call their destination to ask about specific benefits and necessary credentials before traveling. Each museum reserves the right to enforce their reciprocity policies and decline free visitation if policies are not followed. Click here for more information.

I have a membership at a different museum. Can I get in free at Cincinnati Museum Center?
Free admission to the Museum of Natural History & Science is part of the Association of Science and Technology reciprocity program. The Cincinnati History Museum has free reciprocal admission with the Time Travelers Network. Discounted admission to the Duke Energy Children’s Museum is permitted for participating members of the Association of Children’s Museum reciprocal network. Admission for the specific museum is for up to two named adults on the membership and children or grandchildren ages 17 and younger. No other benefits apply for Guest Members.

How can I find out more information about the different activities going on?
The quickest way to check out all the fun is on our website's daily calendar. Make sure you give us your email address so you can get the latest news on our monthly Member eNews updates. Another benefit of being a Member is a FREE subscription to our MOSAIC magazine. MOSAIC is sent out four times a year and is a great resource to find out more about current and upcoming activities and special events.

Is my Member Pass tax deductible?
Member Passes are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Different Member Pass levels carry different benefits associated with them. We are able to provide you with a good faith estimate of the goods and services provided. Ultimately, we advise consulting a tax specialist. Click here for more information.

Can my organization purchase a Member Pass?
Member Passes are only for individuals or families. We do not offer a Member Pass for organizations. To visit Museum Center with your organization, please contact Group Sales at (513) 287-7021 for group rates and to make a reservation.

Do you share my information?
As part of our ongoing efforts to acquire new Members, we occasionally exchanges home addresses of Members with other similar nonprofit organizations. If you prefer that your information not be shared, please email us at We never share or exchange email addresses or phone numbers.