And the winner is...Penelope the Spiny Soft Shell Turtle!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the election. As the new Mayor of KidsTown, Penelope wants to make a splash by bringing new toys to Water Works.

It was a close election, Gordon the Leopard Gecko came in second place while Kellog the Corn Snake came in third.

Cast your vote for the next mayor of Kids’ Town!

Kids can once again exercise their right to vote this Election Season by voting for the next mayor of Kids' Town in The Children's Museum! Voting will be open in the Children's Museum October 29 through November 5 from 11 a.m. to noon each day through a ballot box in the museum. Winner plans to be announced on November 6.

Each candidate is campaigning for a different improvement to Kids' Town or the Children's Museum.

  • Penelope the Spiny Soft Shell Turtle: She wants to make a splash in the competition by bringing new toys to Water Works.
  • Kellogg the Corn Snake: She hopes to slide by the other candidates by promising new riding toys in Little Sprouts Farm.
  • Gordon the Leopard Gecko: He has a tight grip on victory with a platform of adding new veterinarian tools in the Banfield Pet Clinic.

Voting is free with admission to The Children's Museum.