Science. Play. Art. Creativity. Exploration.

That's what KidSPACE is all about. Let your imagination run wild in an interactive lab fueled by YOU!

Confront challenges and explore new opportunities while you use your hands and your minds to encourage invention. From free range exploration, to planned workshops and design challenges, KidSPACE offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that encourage STEAM education: science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Explore five different "zones:" a wet zone, where you can create masterpieces through painting, screen printing and ceramics; a textile zone for weaving and sewing; a light and dark zone for shadow play; an assembly zone where you can build and construct; and a high tech zone for experimenting with computers and 3D printing.



Discover the relationship between art and science through these playful activities.

Fizzy Paintings

February 9 | 11 a.m. to noon

Bubble, bubble, fizz fizz! Science and Art collide in these playful creations.

Young at Art

Develop artistic skills while exercising creative expression.

Charley Harper’s Tools

March 21 | 11 a.m. to noon

Have you ever wonder how Ohio based artist, Charley Harper created his works? Not with a computer, but with drafting tools! Try your hand at using these tools to create a Charley Harper inspired work as we celebrate Ohio History Day.

Pisanki Eggs

April 12 | 11 a.m. to noon

Create a colorful egg with wax resist techniques, inspired by the ancient Polish tradition.

Celebrating Women Artists

Join us for art making programs inspired by the work of women artists, past and present! *Denotes program led by local artist.

Alma Thomas

February 2 | 11 a.m. to noon

Create a colorful abstract painting filled with patterns and rhythm inspired by artist and art educator Alma Thomas.

Faith Ringgold

February 15 | 11 a.m. to noon

Can you create a piece of art that tells a story? What story would it tell? Learn about the story quilts of Faith Ringgold, and applique a small story quilt picture of your own.

Pam Kravetz*

March 7 | 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Join local artist Pam Kravetz and create a wearable magical and empowering badge while learning some simple quilting and beading techniques.

Yayoi Kusama

March 22 | 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Join us for a collaborative mini-instillation inspired by the pattern of this Japanese born contemporary artist.

Beatrix Potter

April 19 | 11 a.m. to noon

Natural Scientist, conservationist and famous illustrator, Beatrix Potter loved to study the world around her. Learn to look close and create art based on observation.

Jessica Wolf*

April 18 | 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Join local artist Jessica Wolf of Paper Acorn to learn about her artistic processes by creating a collaborative paper chandelier.