chris bedel

Chris Bedel, Preserve Director


I have been with Museum Center since 1985. I started out in the Exhibits Department as an exhibit designer before moving to the Edge in 1992, to assume the Preserve Director role in 1992. My professional interests are biodiversity cataloging and natural area management. I direct stewardship activities, share ecological management of the preserve with The Nature Conservancy and facilitate visiting researcher efforts at the preserve.

In 2005, I began a comprehensive biological inventory of understudied organisms on preserve lands with staff and visiting scientists. The educational arm of this effort is the Advanced Naturalist Workshop Series. The series brings visiting scientists to the preserve to teach average citizens identification/ecology of Ohio flora/fauna and, in most cases, to conduct the first survey on the preserve for the group being studied. I also oversee management of the preserve’s natural history collections, such as the EOA Reference Herbarium.

My vocation and avocation is learning identification and ecology of eastern woods inhabitants. From freshwater mussels, to land snails, to lichens, I am dedicated to learning more about the biodiversity of the preserve and beyond.


Associate Natural Sciences, 1996
Shawnee State University, Ohio
B.F.A Fine Arts, 1985
Xavier University, Ohio

mark zloba

Mark Zloba, Ecological Manager


I first joined the Edge staff in 1995 as a Seasonal Naturalist, and later became a full-time Environmental Educator. In my current role as Ecological Manager my responsibilities include: educational programs, land management, managing collections and identification of flora and fauna (specifically lichens, spiders, land snails, insects, reptiles, amphibians and birds).

I am a member and contributor to the Ohio Ornithological Society, Ohio Moss and Lichen Association, Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas, USGS Breeding Bird Survey and the Ohio Frog and Toad Survey.


Recreation and Wildlife, Interpretive Services
Hocking College School of Natural Resources

wright strauss

Robyn Wright-Strauss, Chief Naturalist


I joined the Edge in September of 2014 and am in charge of the Environmental Education Program and summer Science Camp. The EE program reaches all third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh graders in Adams County through field classes conducted on the preserve and through in-class presentations.

My previous work experience includes eight years with Wahkeena Nature Preserve in Sugar Grove, Ohio, time with the Wayne National Forest in Nelsonville, Ohio and Camp Oty’Okwa in Hocking County, Ohio. I have also volunteered for the Franklin County Metro Parks, Hocking County Soil and Water, and enjoy participating in Christmas Bird Counts and other citizen science projects.


Natural and Historical Interpretation
Hocking College School of Natural Resources