What time is camp?

For Kindergarten-2nd grade campers, live Virtual Camp is from 10 a.m. to noon.

For 3rd-5th grade campers, live Virtual Camp is from 2 to 4 p.m.

What virtual platform will you be using for camp?

We will be using Zoom as our connection platform. CMC will email a link to the camp virtual room the evening before camp starts.

What materials and supplies will we need for camp?

Construction paper, scissors and markers/crayons. You may have these materials on hand already. If not, this LINK HERE includes purchasing.

For LEGO Master Builder and LEGO Engineering camps, your camper will need their own LEGOs (also included in the materials link above).

How many campers in a group?

The camp session will begin with everyone registered for camp in the same virtual room, then campers will be broken out into their individual camps (up to 10 campers in 1 virtual room).

Is there a discount for Cincinnati Museum Center members?

Yes! CMC Members receive $5 off each one-day camp, for total pricing of $30/day.

How do I register my child for Museum Camps?

You can register for Museum Camps online at https://www.cincymuseum.org/museum-camps/. Please have your payment information, membership number (if a member) and child’s information ready to make registration quicker and easier.

What is the cancelation policy?

There will be a $10 cancellation fee, with no refunds issued within 24 hours of the camp.

Does my camper need paperwork to participate in Museum Camps?

Yes! Please fill out the Museum Camp Permission Forms when registering for Museum Camps online at https://www.cincymuseum.org/museum-camps/.

What if my child will be absent, arrive late or leave early?

If your child will be absent, log in late or log out early please notify the Camp Manger at 513-728-0082 or neskridge@cincymuseum.org as soon as possible.

What will my child do at camp?

The activities during camp are based on different camp themes. Your camper will be participating in activities such as games, animal encounters, interactive presentations and more! The camps will start off in one big group to engage with the presenter and then be broken up into their separate camp groups.

For more information about a specific camp theme, please contact the Museum Camps Manager at neskridge@cincymuseum.org or (513) 728-0082.

Can I enroll my child in a camp for a younger/older age group?

No. Camps are designed with child development in mind. To ensure each camper has an engaging experience, campers must fall within the camp’s grade band by the first day of the camp session they are attending.

Does Museum Camp serve children with special needs?

Although Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum Camps are not specifically designed to accommodate children with special needs, we make every reasonable effort to serve campers who require special attention or consideration.

Please also let us know of any tools or techniques we may use to help your camper have a great time at camp. The more we know about your camper in advance, the better equipped we are to make your child’s camp experience the best and safest possible!

If you are interested in enrolling a child with special needs and have further questions, please contact the Camp Manager to set up a meeting to evaluate our program’s suitability for your child.

Museum Camp Manager Contact Information: Nora Eskridge, (513) 728-0082, neskridge@cincymuseum.org

Can my child and their friend be in the same group?

Yes! When you register your child, just request that they be in the same group as their friend. Please make sure to have their friend’s name ready and be sure that their friend has registered for the same camp. Campers must be in the same grade band.

How can I get in contact with Museum Camp staff if there is an emergency?

If you need to contact Museum Camps right away, please call the Museum Camps Manager at (513) 728-0082. You may also call our Public Safety office at (513) 287-7048.

What are the behavior expectations at camp?

Campers are encouraged to participate by asking and answering questions along with following the below expectations:

  • Respect your fellow campers
  • Listen when someone is speaking
  • If you have a question raise your hand

The more we know about your camper, the better equipped we are to help your child meet behavior expectations and have the best time at camp! Please let us know of any tools or techniques we may use to help your camper have the best camp experience. You may share this information on the permission form or by contacting the Museum Camps Manager at neskridge@cincymuseum.org or (513) 728-0082.

How does Museum Camp manage behavioral issues?

If campers are participating in disruptive behavior such as being too loud so that other campers can’t hear the instructor, our instructors first use positive reinforcement and redirection. In cases where the disruptive behavior continues, your camper may be muted by their instructor and encouraged to use the chat box instead.

What are the qualifications of your Museum Camp Instructors?

Museum Camp Instructors are Cincinnati Museum Center staff, college graduates and upper-level college students. All of our instructors are experienced educators and have taught in classrooms, camps, museums, art centers, etc. Museum Camp Instructors must pass a background check, and are required to attend Museum Camp training.

Please contact our Manager of Museum Camps, Nora Eskridge, at neskridge@cincymuseum.org or 513-728-0082 for more information.