Celebrate Neil Armstrong's small step and our giant leap

The Neil Armstrong Space Exploration Gallery, presented by the Harold C. Schott Foundation, is a new permanent exhibit that celebrates the legacy of the historic Apollo 11 mission. The gallery is centered around a 360-degree immersive theater experience, transporting guests to the excitement and trepidation of the summer of 1969.

The gallery also features four unique artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission. The inflight jacket worn under Armstrong’s spacesuit and the communications cap – or Snoopy cap – worn under his helmet are both included in the gallery, on loan from the National Air and Space Museum. An exact replica of his Apollo 11 spacesuit has been part of the Museum of Natural History & Science for years and returns with the gallery opening. And, of course, the moon rock collected at Tranquility Base where Armstrong took his first small steps is also on display.

You can dive into space exploration yourself: try your hand at fun quizzes about the space race, learn about the hundreds of scientists and technicians that supported astronauts from Earth and get the point of view of a NASA flight director during a simulated space launch.

Inspired by Ohio's historic role in space exploration and the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing, the Neil Armstrong Space Exploration Gallery invites intrepid explorers to consider why we should explore space and what it takes to get there.