Help Museum Center Document the COVID-19 Pandemic!

Life changed dramatically in early 2020 as COVID-19 spread across the world, the country and eventually Greater Cincinnati. We need your help to document this moment in history. Record your thoughts and experiences by keeping a journal. Think about how you and others have adapted to life with social distancing, business and workplace closures, and virtual workplaces and schools. Collect items and objects directly related to COVID-19, focusing on things that are personal and unique to your life. Photograph our community and how it has changed or stayed the same. By donating your reflections on this pandemic and any related photographs and items, you enable us to develop a record of this time and create a valuable resource for future generations.

Be aware that these donated items will be shared with the general public through the Cincinnati History Library and Archives, and through Cincinnati Museum Center’s exhibits, the Internet, etc. By donating the materials, you agree to have these items archived and shared. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing with the world. Please do not disclose other people’s health or personal information.

I have a physical item to donate:
  • Bring it to one of our “drop off” days:
    • Dates and times to be announced
  • OR Mail it to us:
    Cincinnati Museum Center
    Cincinnati History Library and Archives
    Attn: Christine Engels, Archives Manager
    1301 Western Ave., Suite 2133
    Cincinnati, OH 45203
I have a digital item to donate:
I have additional questions about making a donation:
  • I can’t bring my donation to Union Terminal on the “drop off” days. Can I arrange to bring it in on another day?
  • I need help getting my item(s) to Museum Center. Can you help me?
  • I’m not sure if Museum Center would want my item(s). Is there someone I could talk to?