Mastodons and giant bison thundered across the plains, Saber-toothed cats and dire wolves prowled the forests. Welcome to Pleistocene Cincinnati.

The sights and sounds of the Pleistocene transport you back in time as you discover what the region looked and felt like over 23,000 years ago. Walk through a chilling ice cave and explore a trail surrounded by the plants and animals of the Ice Age. Stand face-to-tusk with a mastodon skeleton, explore the complex web of predator and prey and learn more about the salt deposits that drew these incredible beasts and their hunters to the region.

New scientific research articulates the impact of humans on our environment and climate change, illustrating how ecosystems, biodiversity and landscapes change over time – and why our current period of change has some unexpected and dangerous precedent.

Ice Age Gallery Mastodon Installation

A sneak peek at one of our newest additions to the Ice Age Gallery. This mastodon is 70% original and on display for the first time.