Volunteers are a vital part of our institution

Thank you for your interest in helping Cincinnati Museum Center provide quality services, programs and education for the community! Without this special group of dedicated people, Cincinnati Museum Center would not be able to fulfill its mission to “inspire people of all ages to learn more about our world through science, regional history, and educational, engaging and meaningful experiences.”

Join us to find out about our current volunteer opportunities and how you can become part of our team! No prior volunteer experience is necessary—just enthusiasm and an avid interest in the activities and programs we offer.

Adult Volunteers

Our adult volunteers fulfill operations duties, including greeting, wayfinding, and coverage of the museums across all gallery spaces. Our volunteers work collaboratively and aid the Cincinnati Museum Center collections teams, office team members and exhibits teams. Scroll down for adult volunteer positions. Ages 18 +

Teen Volunteers

Our teen volunteer fulfills a visitor experience role by helping to greet guest at the fronts of our museums and ticketing lines. They also assist in the museum by helping guest find their way around. Scroll to the bottom of the page for teen volunteer positions. Ages 16-17.

Youth Programs Volunteers

Our youth volunteers fulfill operations duties, including greeting, wayfinding, and coverage of the museums across all gallery spaces. Our volunteers work collaboratively and aid the Cincinnati Museum Center collections teams, office team members and exhibits teams. Click here to find out more. Ages 13-18.

  • Being a part of a FANTASTIC Cincinnati Museum Center team
  • Becoming involved in an environment of life-long learning
  • Free admission to all permanent CMC exhibits and access to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • Free parking
  • Discounts at food locations
  • Invitations to select exhibit previews, special events and lectures
  • Professional development, training opportunities and work experience

* Please note: for all positions, volunteers must attend a general orientation and participate in additional departmental training. Volunteers are provided with the necessary tools and resources to be a successful part of the Cincinnati Museum Center Volunteer Team.

Adult Volunteer Opportunities

Teenage Volunteer Opportunities


“When people ask me why I volunteer at Cincinnati Museum Center, I just tell them that I get a lot more than I can ever give back... Cincinnati Museum Center is just one more nice asset the City of Cincinnati can brag about."


“I have been with the Paleo Lab since 2000 and still every bone is a new challenge due to different states of preservation. I enjoy working for Dr. Storrs and have learned so much from him but I think the real importance of not only my work but of the whole museum is to bring to the public the sense of wonder and discovery that science presents in our everyday lives."


“Volunteering is all about meeting new people, learning new things, helping organizations and having fun."


“I have found volunteering with Cincinnati Heritage Programs at CMC to be both fun and rewarding; I love showcasing the iconic Art Deco building to museum visitors."


“I have been able to get hands on animal care experience with the colony of big brown bats that lives at the Museum Center, I have also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge about bats, educate families that visit CMC about our bat neighbors and develop new connections that have been beneficial to not only my master's degree program but also my everyday work."


“I love volunteering for several reasons; I feel that I am a small part of the team that works endlessly to make science and history accessible and fun for everyone. I love inspiring the great minds of tomorrow and it gives me hope that one day they will be the ones who continue to make a difference on our planet. I'm so glad that I took the leap and applied to volunteer at CMC!"

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Volunteer Milestones

Each year we recognize CMC volunteers who have achieved significant years of service milestones.

5 Years

Andrew Adkins
Michael Burlingham
Ed Clancy
Terry Clark
Brooke Crowley
Lee Drake
Jon Goins
David Greulich
Dee Mason
Jerry McAfee
Tom McMackin
Sue Mehne
William Schulter
Debbi Silverman
Ed Umbach
Sally Umbach
Lisa Beyer
Rubin Dastoor
Mel DeWitt
Jude DeWitt
Lynn Dougherty
Don Fox
Danny Hildebrand
Pamela King
David Mason
Diann Myers
Lois Rezabek
John Ripberger
Lee Schmidt
Carol Sinclair
Larry Stulz
Jim Thompson

10 Years

Robb Andriot
Barb Bolten
Holly Crawford
Don Frey
Brian Rohling
Ken Skirtz
Tom Flege
Dick Kaesemeyer
Tom Palmer
Steve Rolfes
Mike Schmidt
Mark Zigoris

15 Years

Bob Bergstein
Bebe Hales
Donna Levi
Brian Porter
Blanche Sullivan
Pat Brennan
Ray Fiedler
Brenda Hauser
Dennis Johnson
Bob Limoseth
David Moccia
Diane Moccia
Al Morgan
Regeana Morgan
Mary Lou Osterfeld
Richard Rastani
Joe Vaughan
Nancy Vaughan

20 Years

Janice Forte
Cathy Hansel
Marion Mitchell
J. Harry Rapien
Mike Schaen
Charollet Schworer
Ursula Umberg

25 Years

Janet Mott
Ruth Smith
Philip Yannarella

35 Years

Lory Greenland

40 Years

Terry Huizing

45 Years

Cathy Chapman

School and Teacher Partnerships

Do you love engaging groups of school aged children in science, art, culture and history? Are you an amazing group greeter and wayfinder? Work alongside our School and Teacher Partnerships team to deliver content that connects to our galleries, exhibits and school curriculum. Volunteers must be MAP trained.


For more information, contact Cordel George, Manager, Volunteer and Intern Services at CGeorge@cincymuseum.org.

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Youth Program Volunteers

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