1. Materials deposited with CMC/NURFC shall be given proper care to insure against loss, damage or deterioration.
  2. Depositor is responsible for establishing valuation. CMC/NURFC staff cannot provide value information. Depositor should be able to provide documentation to the museum supporting the list valuation should CMC/NURFC’s insurance agent require such documentation.
  3. For items deposited as potential gifts to CMC/NURFC’s Permanent Collection, this Deposit does not constitute formal acceptance of named items. If the museum accepts the gift offer, the Registrar will issue a Deed of Gift or Gift Acknowledgement letter. Upon receipt of the signed Deed of Gift from the Depositor, ownership of the items will transfer to the museum. In the case where the Depositor does not sign and return the Deed of Gift, the donation will be considered as an unsolicited gift to the museum with rights of ownership and use. Terms and Conditions on the Deed of Gift
  4. Per Ohio Revised Code Section 3385.06, the Depositor is responsible for informing the Registrar of any change in ownership, address or telephone number while named items are on deposit with the museum. Changes in address or ownership should be sent to: Registrar, Cincinnati Museum Center, 1301 Western Avenue, Suite 2253, Cincinnati, OH 45203 or collections@cincymuseum.org
  5. This agreement is in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Sections 3385.01-3385.10. A copy of these sections is available from the Registrar or on online at the Ohio Legislature website, http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/