Donate to the Library and History Collections

Since 1831 our organization has been collecting and preserving materials relating to the social, political, cultural, and economic history of metropolitan Cincinnati, the Miami Purchase, and the Old Northwest Territory. Today, this is one of the most significant regional history collections in the United States with thousands of books, pamphlets, maps, manuscripts, photographs and films, and artifacts. The collections are available for research by students, authors, historians, genealogists, and the general public.

If you have Cincinnati-related historical materials that you would like to donate to the museum and library collections, we encourage you to contact one of the curators below.

History Objects

To donate artifacts, such as furniture, fine art, clothing, business and industrial objects, and personal and household items, please contact:

Maat Manninen, Registrar,

Photographs and Film

To donate audio-visual items, including photographs, slides, films, and sound recordings, please contact:

Reproductions Department,

Books, Pamphlets Maps

To donate books, pamphlets, maps, and other printed items, please contact:

Anne Kling, Senior History Curator and Technology Manager,

Archival Materials

To donate family papers, diaries, letters, and business or organizational records, please contact:

Christine Engels, Archives Manager,

Financial Support

Cincinnati Museum Center also welcomes monetary donations.