Add to the excitement of a Cincinnati Museum Center field trip with an Early Childhood Classroom Program.

Our classroom programs are full of hands-on and engaging activities that meet curriculum standards and inspire students to discover more.

Check out the Educator’s Guide to see how our programs meet Ohio, Kentucky, and Next Generation Science Standards.


45 minutes, maximum 25 students and minimum age requirement of 3 years.

3…2…1… Blast off!

Build the solar system in your classroom, then blast off with radio-controlled space shuttles to explore what’s beyond our planet. View photos and learn about gravity, asteroids, orbits and more. Also available in Exploration Station format.

A Cultural Experience

Use music, toys, colorful clothing and role playing to explore cultures from Peru, Japan and Mali.

Coral: A Colorful Community

Learn what coral is, where it lives, what it eats and how it protects itself. Explore real coral skeletons, role-play a coral polyp and view pictures of some of the creatures that live in a coral reef. Make a coral reef habitat come to life with beautiful puppets. Also available in Exploration Station format.

Dino Dig

Growl, claw and walk like a dinosaur! Dig up fossils and identify which dinosaurs they came from. Learn about different kinds of dinosaurs, including what they looked like, what they ate and how they protected themselves. Also available in Exploration Station format.

Egg-cellent Eggs

Explore bird eggs and learn about their shapes, sizes, colors and nests through hands-on activities. Learn about the other animals that lay eggs and crack open an egg to find out what’s inside.

From the Backyard to the Barnyard

Use puppets to investigate animals that might live in backyard or barnyard habitats. Meet one of our resident animals, investigate what this animal eats and discover how it finds food by echolocation.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gain an introduction to the diverse world of plants! Learn what they need to grow, what parts they have, and the stages of the plant life cycle. Investigate the differences between fruits and vegetables. Then spend some time digging in the dirt and plant your own seed to take home.

Our Five Senses

It takes a nose to know – or maybe hands, ears, eyes or a tongue! Explore the magic of your senses through fun, hands-on activities, and interact with a live animal.

Rainforest Adventure

Take an imaginary tour of the rainforest to learn about the diverse animals and plants that live there. Meet several animals that call the rainforest home.

Snug as a Bug

Build a bug, see through the eyes of a fly and learn the life cycle of a caterpillar. Explore how insects protect themselves by playing a game of hide-and-seek with a very hungry frog. Meet and touch live insects and marvel at incredible mounted bugs from around the world. Also available in Exploration Station format.

Tall Tails

Hop, prop, and crawl your way to learning about animal adaptations. Try on larger-than-life costumed tails, morph into different animals then hear a tall tale about two unique local animals.

Wild About Animals

From Africa to Antarctica, become part of the wild animal kingdom. Take an imaginary safari across Africa and look through binoculars to see zebras, lions and more. Waddle like a penguin in the coldest place on Earth, then hop on over to a continent with some unusual Down Under residents. Also available in Exploration Station format.

Wonders of Weather

Investigate seasonal weather patterns, complete the water cycle, make some snow and race clouds. Have a hair-raising experience with lightning and take home jewelry with sun-sensing abilities.