About the Museum

Learn about Cincinnati’s past and early life in Ohio in the Cincinnati History Museum. Explore a recreation of the Cincinnati Public Landing of the late 1850s where you can step aboard a replica of the 94-foot side-wheel steamboat, the Queen of the West! Learn about Cincinnati during World War II in our home front exhibition and see a model of the city of Cincinnati from 1900-40s with working trains and inclines, as well as interactive computer stations!

Walking through the museum, you can engage with costumed interpreters. Ask them questions about their lives to better understand and connect to history. Speak with a settler new to the river valley in 1792, or help a flatboat man unload his cargo. Help the printer set type in his shop on the Public Landing, and learn about 1940s-Cincinnati from a conductor on our street car. It’s like going back in time!

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Museum Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Exhibits and Special Events

dCincinnati History Museum Cincinnati In Motion

A model of the city of Cincinnati from 1900 through the 1940s with working trains, streetcars and inclines, as well as interactive computer stations that bring Cincinnati's history to life.

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d Cincinnati History Museum Cincinnati Goes to War

Explore Cincinnati's wartime contributions in Home Front and stop by the factory wall to hear stories of people working in local factories.

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dCincinnati History Museum From Settlement to 1860

You can experience life in early Cincinnati through historically accurate scenes, music and letters, and words from people living in the area.

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d Cincinnati History Museum Forming a New World

Between 1850 and 1900, Cincinnati was the machine tool capital of the world. Find out about this aspect of the Queen City's history.

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Cincinnati History Museum Holiday Junction featuring the Duke Energy Holiday Trains

Every holiday season, see the Duke Energy Holiday Trains and other model train displays, the Toys Through Time vintage toy exhibit, the historic train paintings of Grif Teller, Santa Claus and more. It's all free with your Duke Energy voucher, museum admission or Membership.

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