Inside the Grin lets you do just that: step inside a giant mouth to learn more about proper oral health and polish up on your dental knowledge.

Use giant floss and a massive toothbrush to practice proper flossing and brushing techniques, learning healthy habits through play. The inside of the mouth is modeled after a dentist office, complete with reclining dentist's chair, child-safe dental instruments and interactive videos. The exhibit presents oral healthcare in a positive way that will ease children's fears and misconceptions about visiting the dentist and caring for their smiles.

Developed in partnership with the Junior League of Cincinnati as part of their GrinUp! Initiative, Inside the Grin addresses the serious issue of poor oral healthcare. Tooth decay is the leading chronic infectious disease in children, with more than 40% of children nationwide experiencing dental decay by kindergarten. But poor oral health is largely preventable, and through the GrinUp! Initiative and Inside the Grin, the Junior League of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Museum Center are making great strides in ensuring that the region's children grow up with healthy habits and healthy smiles.

Inside the Grin and the GrinUp! Initiative are supported by the following: