Mission driven, community focused.

Historic Union Terminal has had many evolutions. From its hub as an active train station, to its short-stint as a shopping mall and now home to Cincinnati Museum Center, it’s always been a place for the community to come together. With the restoration and reimagination of exhibits and experiences at Union Terminal, Cincinnati Museum Center is ensuring it secures its spot as a world-class institution and premiere destination in the Midwest. Cynthia and Gregory are supporting this next evolution of Cincinnati Museum Center with their commitment to the campaign.

“We are on a mission. The work of inspiring curiosity and facilitating learning is an ever-evolving process. Cincinnati Museum Center has to be poised to present new strides in both perspective and content,” states Campaign Cabinet Member Cynthia. Through their capital support to build new and refreshed galleries and their support of the educational programming to activate those spaces, they are creating more opportunities for our community to come together.

Cynthia and Gregory have been furthering Cincinnati Museum Center’s mission for nearly two decades. Through Gregory joining the Board in 2001 to Cynthia joining in 2009, they’re no strangers to what it takes to make Cincinnati Museum Center unlike any other institution. “I was inspired by personal interests in education, children and history – as well as wanting to serve our community,” says Emeritus Trustee Gregory.

Nowhere else can you walk alongside real dinosaurs, travel back in time to explore 1850s Cincinnati and create a masterpiece using a 3D printer —all in one day and under one roof. Cincinnati Museum Center sparks curiosity and makes learning fun for more than 1 million members of our community each year. “‘Edutainment’ is a coined word that applies here. Cincinnati Museum Center delivers educational content while entertaining guests of all ages and interests. The balance is critical, and the content must be ready to evolve,” reflects Cynthia.

Alongside exhibits and programming, Cynthia and Gregory know that the best museum is only as strong as its people. That’s why during the temporary closure of Union Terminal during the COVID-19 pandemic they also supported the creation of a staff mindfulness program. Strengthening and supporting the people behind the exhibits and experiences helped Cincinnati Museum Center continue to be a leader in our community, helping to inspire curiosity, ignite imaginations and bring people together during the closure and well into the future.