Test Store Link

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Try this link -- data-access-launch: (default store link)


Launching to Checkout view aka cart view

Cart View

Launching to Checkout view aka checkout

Cart View

Launching: keyword = Destination Moon

Destination Moon - keyword

Launching: keyword = camps

Camps - keyword

Launching: keyword = maya

Maya- keyword

Launching: keyword = OMNIMAX

OMNIMAX- keyword

Launching: keyword = OMNIMAX Club Card

OMNIMAX CC- keyword

Launching: keyword = Memberships

Memberships - keyword

Programs for Adults - keyword
Programs for Kids - keyword
Museum on Tap - keyword
Educators at the Edge - keyword
Scouts - keyword
Overnights - keyword
Home School Mondays - keyword



-params and -modudle

Promo Codes – To automatically launch the store to a promo code, use either of the following GET parameters: promo_code or promoCode Example: https://www.yoursite.com/?promoCode=Friday
Keyword – To automatically launch the store to a given keyword, use the keyword parameter Example: https://www.yoursite.com/?keyword=admission
Package – To automatically launch the store to a given package (by Package ID number), use one of the following parameters: package, packageID or package_id Example: https://www.yoursite.com/?packageID=123


Do create a link with Modules ?module=value,value,value

Plain text data values can pull info of quantity and dollar amount in cart.

Full HTML built widgets availalbe with data-access- attributes to elements

There are ways to pass data into the store as the store is launched but accesso support may need to be consulted.