The birds are back in town!

By: Mark Zloba, Ecological Manager

This weekend is World Migratory bird Day (Saturday, May 9th). Bird migration is at its peak right now in the Cincinnati area and on our Edge of Appalachia Preserve. All of our bird breeders that leave for the winter are now back in southern Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky and singing in their territories. Others are passing through and continuing on their merry way north. You have no doubt heard many of them while staying at home this Spring. To help you identify these wanderers if you see them in your yard or neighborhood, here are some photos from the Edge for reference. Enjoy!

Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are passing through in record numbers this year. These are male birds and females or juveniles eating black oil sunflower seed quicker than I can refill it in the feeder.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak showcasing its rose breast.

A Prairie Warbler arrived back to its breeding territory on the Edge in mid-April.

Blue-winged Warbler.

Palm Warbler migrating through.

Scarlet Tanager getting ready to build a nest.

A Yellow-rumped Warbler finds a caterpillar meal.

Northern Parula arrives in early April after traveling over a thousand miles.

Common Yellowthroat hiding in the grasses.

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