Growing through Ohio History Day

Ohio History Day inspired me, opened me up to opportunities and challenged me in ways I never would have thought possible. The experience has been transformative and has illuminated passions I likely would never have discovered otherwise. Thank you, Ohio History Day!

Cincinnati Museum Center is proud to organize and host Ohio History Day’s Region 8 competition for Adams, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland and Warren counties.


Fashion Frocks

Philip M. Meyers started working for his father’s Princess Garment Company in 1922. He left in 1925 to found his own company, Fashion Frocks, Inc., a garment manufacturer that directly sold to consumers.


Introduction to NAGPRA

At its core, NAGPRA is human rights legislation that was enacted by congress to addresses inequalities between federally recognized descendant communities, the US government, and institutions that control ancestral remains and cultural items affiliated with sovereign Tribal Nations indigenous to the United States. NAGPRA also establishes procedures for inadvertent discoveries on federal and tribal lands and makes it illegal to traffic ancestral remains and cultural items obtained through activities that violate the Act.