Conversations with an Expert

Interact live with our team of experts! Invite a Cincinnati Museum Center science or history curator, a librarian from the Cincinnati History Library and Archives or other expert to a virtual conversation with your students. We can connect classrooms with experts in archaeology, zoology, paleontology and Cincinnati history. Learn about their background, explore their research and study some of CMC’s collection objects.

Choose from a list of prepared paleontology presentations or customize a conversation with the Expert of your choice. For more information, contact Tony Lawson.


$75 for one live, 30-minute conversation per classroom (up to 30 students)

Paleontology Presentations
Introduction to Paleontology

Grades 2–12

Most of us think of dinosaurs when we think of paleontology, but there is so much more to the history of life on Earth. Discover what paleontologists do, what they study and why it is important.

Traipsing through the Paleontology Collections

(Can be modified for most age ranges.)

Cincinnati Museum Center has extensive paleontology collections that are utilized by researchers around the world, in our exhibits, and educational programming. Traipse through the collection with a Curator, look at amazing fossils and uncover what they tell us about the history of life on Earth.

450 million years of Landscape Evolution

High School – Adult (Can be modified accordingly.)

The landscape of the tristate (Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky) has seen plate tectonic activity, ancient oceans and huge ice sheets, each leaving its mark on our landscape resulting in the topography and features we see today. Learn about our varied and exciting geologic past and what the implications of the geologic history are for us today.

Cincinnati’s Paleontology

Elementary School – Adult (Can be modified accordingly.)

Cincinnati is world-famous for its paleontology. Ancient oceans in this region 450 million years ago were teeming with invertebrate life, some familiar to us today, others completely bizarre and unknown in the modern world. Explore what kinds of fossils you could find in this region and what these ancient animals can tell us about environments and communities of long ago.

What Fossils Tell us about the Earth

Middle School – Adult

Fossils are cool, but also very important. They tell scientists a lot about the history of the Earth, from plate tectonics to climate change, providing and locating natural resources on Earth, and to looking for life on other planets. Discuss why fossils are so important, what they can tell us about our deep past and their relevance for our future.

Myths and Misconceptions about Evolution

High School – Adult

The Theory of Evolution underpins all modern biological thought, but it has had its share of myths and misconceptions since Darwin’s time. Discuss some of the common misconceptions and myths regarding evolution and uncover why they are invalid.

Geological History of Landslides

Middle School – Adult

Many of the geological processes that erode and transport sediments continue today, despite the fact that cities, roadways and houses are built in their way. Explore how the Cincinnati area’s geologic past sets the stage for landslides in this region, how humans have shaped the landscape to accelerate these processes and what we are doing to mitigate them today.

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For more information, contact Tony Lawson.

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