FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 15, 2022

Cincinnati Museum Center’s new space gallery film surrounds you with humanity’s next giant leap

Artemis – Return to the Moon is now showing

CINCINNATI – Fifty years after the last human set foot on the lunar surface, humanity is once again looking to the Moon. Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) is helping guests catch up on the five decades of research and innovation that are making the Artemis mission possible in a new 10-minute film at the Galaxy Theater inside the Museum of Natural History & Science. Artemis – Return to the Moon is now showing daily.

Artemis, Apollo’s mythological sister, is on the cusp of carrying the first woman and the first person of color to a foreign celestial body. In doing so, the mission will build on over 60 years of space research and exploration by NASA – 135 space shuttle missions, the construction of the International Space Station, close proximity flybys of every planet in our solar system. But now, Artemis – Return to the Moon tells the story of humanity’s next giant leaps, pushing the limits of human exploration even farther into our solar system than ever before.

“Humanity’s innate curiosity about the world around them has driven us to explore the farthest reaches of our continents, the deepest depths of our oceans and beyond our atmosphere. Now, it’s time for our sense of discovery to take us even further,” said Dave Duszynski, vice president of featured experiences at Cincinnati Museum Center. “Artemis – Return to the Moon is a lesson in science and innovation and an homage to those titans of discovery who have paved the way for a new generation of space pioneers to carry the baton even further.”

Presented in the Neil Armstrong Space Exploration Gallery, presented by the Harold C. Schott Foundation, Artemis – Return to the Moon wonderfully blends science and history by illustrating how the past 50 years have led us to this pivotal moment. Video of Mars rovers and deep space telescopes spread across screens on three curved walls and three floor screens while the roar of rocket launches and the transmissions of mission command fill the theater. Astronauts using the latest technology and footage of the lunar and Martian surfaces showcase the latest research guiding a new era of space exploration.

“We were thrilled when Cincinnati Museum Center contacted us about creating a film that tells the story of NASA’s return to the Moon after a 50 year absence,” said Emmy Award®-winning writer and producer Marc Havican of Space City Films in Houston. “I have created films for NASA for the last 25 years, but creating a film for this one-of-a-kind 360-degree theater was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

The film is part of a rotating selection in the Galaxy Theater, presented by Great American Insurance. The theater features three surround screens and three floor screens, anchored by an illuminated globe screen at the center. Films on Neil Armstrong’s life and the Apollo 11 mission also fill the theater’s curved walls. The three films will alternate every ten minutes during regular museum hours.


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