Our Social Studies Learning Labs are specifically developed for students in grades one through eight. These labs are full of hands-on activities that integrate curriculum standards and give students a full learning experience.

Click here to see how our programs align with the Ohio Revised Academic Science and Social Studies Standards as well as Next Generation Science Standards and National Social Studies Academic Standards.


• Available Tuesday through Friday
• Labs begin on the hour and half hour at 9:30 a.m.
• Labs last 60 minutes.
• Maximum of 30 students per lab
• Advance reservation are required for all groups.
• Changes to scheduled activities and numbers less than 48 hours before your visit or the day of the visit may result in suspension of visiting privileges or grant eligibility. Call if your plans change.
• Book as far in advance as possible. Reservations for museum programs close two weeks out.
• Payment by credit card, check or purchase order is required two weeks in advance.
• Confirmation materials are emailed at the time of reservation.

Children Around the World

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Grades K-3

Compare your home and life to those of children around the world and participate in activities that highlight these unique cultures.


Coming to America

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Grades 3-8

The 19th century brought people from all around the world to Cincinnati’s doorsteps. Explore factors that might influence an immigrant to leave their home and learn how these groups impacted our local community. Identify the push-and-pull factors that made the U.S. the Land of Opportunity and discover how these groups influenced Cincinnati’s rich cultural history.


Mind Your Money (Award winning!)

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Grades 1-3

Review the value of money and master the concepts of earning, spending and saving by playing a board game that challenges you to use your allowance wisely. Prepare for future monetary decisions as you learn to create a budget.


Native American Lifestyles

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Grades 1-4

Gain a better understanding of southern Ohio’s earliest inhabitants and discover the tools, natural resources and skills that allowed them to survive. Become an archaeologist and investigate artifacts to help identify past cultures.


On the Trail with Lewis & Clark

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Grades 4-8

Take an imaginary trip with Lewis and Clark to explore President Jefferson’s recent acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase for the U.S. government. Find out how the purchase affected our country and discover the preparations and training necessary for the journey. Why were they going? What did they pack? What did they discover along the way? Answer these questions and more as we head out on our adventure.


Uncovering Egypt

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Grades 4-8

Meet the science that allows us to unlock the secrets of past civilizations. Participate in hands-on demonstrations of archaeological techniques, explore a mock excavation site from Egypt and learn to identify a culture based on the artifacts discovered.