About Geier

The Geier Collections & Research Center at 760 West Fifth Street is easily recognized by the life-sized family of woolly mammoths at the front of the building. In September 2001, Museum Center consolidated collections storage and research activities into the 70,000 square foot facility on the corner of Gest and W. Fifth Streets. For the first time, all natural history collections and history artifacts are housed in a museum-quality environment.

Open by appointment or through one of the scheduled tours, the Geier Center houses Museum Center’s archaeology collections, invertebrate and vertebrate fossil collection, all zoology collections, history artifacts and fine arts. The facility includes laboratories for working on paleontology, archaeology and zoology collections, curatorial and registration offices and the Science Library. Click here to review our Collections Policy.

The facility is named for James A. Geier, former president of the Milacron Company and life-long supporter of Cincinnati Museum Center.

Science Library

Invertebrate Paleontology and Geology

Vertebrate Paleontology



History Objects and Fine Art

Hear our paleontology curators talk about fossils in their collections.


Open by appointment only. Click here to contact us.


Loan Procedures

Loan requests will be considered for educational and research purposes from educational, non-profit organizations. Loans are not made to individuals or for commercial purposes. Loans for graduate student research must be made to a staff member or professor of the academic institution.

Loan Requests for Exhibitions: The borrower should contact the CMC registrar or curator of the collection to initiate an exhibition loan request.  Allow at least two months from the time the request is submitted until approval.  Please submit the following:

  • Letter of request on institutional letterhead is required to initiate the loan process. The letter must include the following:
    • Information about the proposed exhibition
    • Location where the exhibition will occur
    • Loan dates and exhibition dates
    • Exhibition title
  • List of objects or specimens requested including the CMC catalog number. The appropriate CMC curator will provide this information.
  • AAM General or Standard Facility Report must be submitted with the letter of request.

Loan Requests for Research:

  • Borrower must contact the curator of the collection to initiate a research loan request.
  • Loans for destructive analysis procedures will be considered.
  • Borrower must be in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations regarding specimens to be borrowed.


Click here for information on loan requests

Loan Requests for Genomic Resources Collections